7 Ways to Maximize Time With Your Wedding Photographer

To maximize your investment in your wedding photographer, it's important to be prepared on your wedding day and have a plan for pictures.  With 200 weddings under our belt, we’ve created a list of suggestions that will help you get the best experience with your wedding photographer. To sign up for our newsletter highlighting ways to maximize your wedding photography experience, click here.

Create a Timeline 

Creating a timeline will help keep the day on track and give your photographer ample time to prepare for what's ahead.  We like to follow up a few days before the wedding as all of the last minute details are being finalized.

Make a List of must-haves

Make a list of the must have family/bridal photos because it can be hard to keep track in the moment. Organize the portrait list by groupings. Then, arrange them from largest to smallest for each family.  This will increase the efficiency of the groupings especially if your shot list is on the long side.  Instead of chasing down Aunt Rita for her picture, for example, have everyone involved with photos meet at a prearranged location and designate a friend of the family to assist.  

Follow the Light

Schedule photos when the light is at its best. The time the sun sets will depend on the season but getting photographs during the last hour of the sunset, also known as the golden hour, will give you some of the best results.   We love shooting portraits during the golden hour, but we always try and take couples out to use the dreamy twilight after the sun has set when possible. 

Limit preparation coverage

Limit the preparation coverage. We like to start the last hour of preparation when your hair and makeup are being finished.  You’ll look and feel your best which will come through in the images.  You’ll also save yourself from getting redundant pictures and will save the photographer's time, allowing for more reception coverage. 

Unplug During the Ceremony

Request your guests to unplug during the ceremony so that all eyes are on the action instead of looking at their device. The ceremony is an exciting and meaningful part of the day. In the moment, guests can unknowingly get in the way with the professional photography while trying to get their Instagram shot on their phone or iPad.  Requesting your guests to limit their photography during the ceremony can help prevent you from losing important moments to a sea of digital screens.  We suggest making a note in the ceremony program.

Have a Second Photographer

Add a second photographer to the day for expanded coverage. Some photographers include an additional photographer in their packages while some do not.  Having a second photographer encourages creativity and finding unique angles because there's backup. They also create the opportunity for dual coverage when the need arises for simultaneous events, like family photos and cocktail hour.


Utilize your photographer's Strengths

Utilize your photographer's best abilities and give them creative freedom to do what they do best. It's important to let them know what you like about their work because it can help give them an idea of what you're drawn to visually.  Working with a photographer who has a background in photojournalism and or commercial photography can be advantageous because they know how to give you that chic, magazine quality look.  We've worked with The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, The New York Times and Billboard to name a few. 

Employing these seven tips will help your day run smoother but the most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself.  If you have a specific question or post you'd like us to cover, please write or leave a comment in the comment section.